Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today i did....

Hey peoples! Today I went over to my Aunt Lorraine's house and played with Ethan and Keagan. Katie came over with us. I got pretty far in my Zelda game. I figured out, you had to push a big wooden carving on a big button like platform and then jump on the other one and it will open up a new passage way! I fixed my slideshow, I made it on . I went down to do my rabbits today, I figured out where I am putting my water bottle and food dish. I am going to be using a porcelain dish for the food and a big blue water bottle called a critter cantine.Well i am going to go play my game, Lets Ride Silver Buckle Stables. I will write back later tonight to tell you how the game went! Well buh bye for now!
-Adrienne Gallinari

My Pet Slideshow

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my first post on my new blog

Hey peoples! WELCOME to Adrienne's new blog! (Adrienne is my name). This is my first time on this blog. My mom has one of these bloggers too! She doesn't recall her URL though. I will try my best to blog on this site EVERY DAY! I might miss a day or two every now and then. Now to tell you about MY life. I basicly live on a farm, I have 6 laying hens, 2 Netherland Dwarf rabbits, 1 dog , 3 cats, 3 fish, and 1 turtle. Thats all my animals. Well time i get started on my slide show of the animals! Buh Bye for now!
Adrienne Gallinari =)