Monday, April 14, 2008


Hey everyone who reads this blog! I been busy for the past 2 days, Monday we had a rush of people, first my aunt Tammy dropped by then Brandon from down the street came then his mom dropped by, this carried on for about an hour. Then from there it was off to the room to clean.Tuesday was quite busy too, first thing, I woke up, ate, ect. then I tidied up my room because the lady I got my buns, Bullet and Misty from was coming to say hi. Well the weather was nice so Ashley brought the pig out and I filled up a litter pan with warm water for my turtle and brought him outside too. The chickens have been running around loose too, without any fencing! A while after bringing the piggy and turtle out a red truck pulled up the drive-way, mom and I ran over and were thinking, YAY Ande is here and she brought her granddaughter but it turns out that it was Aunt Patty that had pulled up (shell's aunt). And she had brought Baby Jack along! He absolutely loved the pig! after about 5 minutes, he looked down the hill a yelled "AAHHH" and went down to greet the chickens; he called and clucked for about 15 min. then he came back up the hill to pet the piggy. When he saw that i had Tank (the turtle) outside he came up and looked at him and said "UH UHH" and "WHOO". After Mom and Patty talked for a bit longer it was time to go, after trying to bribe Jack Patty had to pick him up and carry him to the truck. After a short struggle to get him buckled Jack calmed down when "Gam" stole his hat and put it on her head. Then Jack said " Ohh Gam!". Then we cleaned up our bikes and we took a bike ride to the dump, ashley picked up 3-4 books and I graped a beach/yoga mat. then Ashley and I rode down the road to Morning Dew Natural Food Store and bought a pickle and a soda. After eating we rode over to PFU and said hi to Kitty and Checked out some pet stuff. I found this awesome cage for rabbits, it had 2 stories and a food dish built into the ground of the second story. It was 100.00 dollars rounded off. Soo now i am trying to raise money for that too. Today Charlie (our dog) went to the vet for his gum surgery; he as to eat canned food now for about a week and a half. We rode ( Jim, Ashley, And I) up to Morning Dew again this after-noon. We got a soda and good exercise! Hopefully I will blog again tomorrow! Buh Byez!

~Adrienne Gallinari