Monday, February 2, 2009

Mar-April 08

March 8Th was Jim's birthday! He hit the big 40!! The night before his birthday we plastered the walls with a bunch of hand drawn posters about turning 40. Our biggest one was above the TV, it said " Holey Crap, You're 40!" that one stayed up for about 2 weeks after his B-day Lol.April, last month was a kewl month for me , at the be ginning of the month i dyed my hair red! it is more like auburn but it is SO pretty i like it better than my natural brown hair color, i am thinking about keeping it this color permanently. i got two new dresses also, they are both my second fave color, red! it makes a statement, what can i say? Lol the Brighter the Better maybe!?! well any way they are both beautiful knee high dresses. i wear them when ever i can! the 3rd of April was Shells 18Th B-day, it was fun, we play with a wiji board, it was SO fake. but it made us laugh. we soon found out the a friend of ours that was not friendly with public school was going to be home schooled, he's a nice kid he just needs to learn a few more manners and get his stuff under control. that would be it for those 2 months.~Adrienne Gallinari

Monday, May 5, 2008

jan-feb. 08

Ah so nice to blog again! OK in January we didn't do much, there was the winter carnival and i didn't got to that but i did go on a snowmobile trip almost every weekend! we went to tuts and the back burner. Once when we were on our way to the back burner, the mudflap got ripped of Michelle's machine and i was sitting on the dog sled and by the time we got home i was covered in about 2ft. of snow, and it wasn't just and snow, it was chunks of ice too! when i went up to the house i was SO mad.

For February i got a big surprise! for valentines day i got and elite account on FP (Furry-Paws)!
Now i can have HTML in my name and actions in chat and colors on my dogs pages and i can get my registered kennel a picture and best of all i can keep two pups out of a litter!!! Currently i have tons of litters and a 30 dogs, i really need them to sell, i really only need on of each fur color but i just keep getting them and getting them!! LOL i cant help it, it is SO addicting! well i hope i can cut down on some for the sake of the kennel!

~Adrienne Gallinari

Monday, April 14, 2008


Hey everyone who reads this blog! I been busy for the past 2 days, Monday we had a rush of people, first my aunt Tammy dropped by then Brandon from down the street came then his mom dropped by, this carried on for about an hour. Then from there it was off to the room to clean.Tuesday was quite busy too, first thing, I woke up, ate, ect. then I tidied up my room because the lady I got my buns, Bullet and Misty from was coming to say hi. Well the weather was nice so Ashley brought the pig out and I filled up a litter pan with warm water for my turtle and brought him outside too. The chickens have been running around loose too, without any fencing! A while after bringing the piggy and turtle out a red truck pulled up the drive-way, mom and I ran over and were thinking, YAY Ande is here and she brought her granddaughter but it turns out that it was Aunt Patty that had pulled up (shell's aunt). And she had brought Baby Jack along! He absolutely loved the pig! after about 5 minutes, he looked down the hill a yelled "AAHHH" and went down to greet the chickens; he called and clucked for about 15 min. then he came back up the hill to pet the piggy. When he saw that i had Tank (the turtle) outside he came up and looked at him and said "UH UHH" and "WHOO". After Mom and Patty talked for a bit longer it was time to go, after trying to bribe Jack Patty had to pick him up and carry him to the truck. After a short struggle to get him buckled Jack calmed down when "Gam" stole his hat and put it on her head. Then Jack said " Ohh Gam!". Then we cleaned up our bikes and we took a bike ride to the dump, ashley picked up 3-4 books and I graped a beach/yoga mat. then Ashley and I rode down the road to Morning Dew Natural Food Store and bought a pickle and a soda. After eating we rode over to PFU and said hi to Kitty and Checked out some pet stuff. I found this awesome cage for rabbits, it had 2 stories and a food dish built into the ground of the second story. It was 100.00 dollars rounded off. Soo now i am trying to raise money for that too. Today Charlie (our dog) went to the vet for his gum surgery; he as to eat canned food now for about a week and a half. We rode ( Jim, Ashley, And I) up to Morning Dew again this after-noon. We got a soda and good exercise! Hopefully I will blog again tomorrow! Buh Byez!

~Adrienne Gallinari

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hey guys!! It seems like I haven't written on my blog for such a long time -shame on me!!-I hope you all who have been reading my blog have enjoyed all my posts so far...Let me tell you an interesting story about stupid me and my little buns that happened the other night! Well it was like three in the morning, and i have had bullet in his separate cage for about 2 weeks now, well he was acting up like tipping his food dish, rattling his toys and banging his dishes against the metal door of his cage, well i was so tired and i was sleeping with Ashley in her room , she was tired too, well she said " just put bullet with misty for a while, maybe it will calm him down" well it did NOT calm him down at all, it made him more hyper, so hyper he was trying to breed with misty ( it doesn't help i think she was in heat) so i doubt she is pregnant because Andrea said that he probably not be fertile for a while. I hope that is the case and she is not pregnant because i think she is still a bit young to breed and i want to wait till spring to breed them. Today i went out for a while with Ande, it was so fun, she said once it warms up some i can go to her house and sleep over and hang out there! She sold her pony and her goat, the girl that bought them is my age and she said that we have a lot in common, her name is Clara! I cant wait to meet her, i won't see her until June though when she comes to get the goat and the pony. She is moving from new york! I hope i will have a new friend this summer!!!!
Well i will write back tomorrow , see yah!
~ Adrienne, Bullet & Misty ( no babies )

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

bunny wabbits!!!

hey peoples!!!

Guess what!!! I think my bunny misty might be pregnate!! I didn't want babies this earliy but mother nature had different plans! lol! I am hoping her litter will be healthy, but the breeder i got them from said normaly the first litter she births she normaly gives birth to "peanuts". Peanuts are little half devoloped baby bunnies, they are barly bunnies, they are just tissue, muscle etc. Well i will keep you guys all posted and will keep updated. Bye peoples!!

-Adrienne, Bullet & Misty (maybe babies!)

Friday, February 1, 2008

just stuff

hey guys! soo good to post on my blog again. Yesterday, I did not post, so i am writing about yesterday today! I did lots of stuff yesterday, i cleaned my room, moved fish tanks around, i read about 3 chapters in my book, and i played my video game too. It probably doesnt sound like i did much but all the stuff i did took up the whole day. I got 3 new buckles in my lets ride game, and i unlock another horse! his name is titan. i also unlocked three new coat colors and two new saddles. i started my new competions too. i have to earn FIVE buckles. i unlock the events "poles 2" and "the big T". I am now a class AAA rider! I cant wait until summer, i am going to see if i can make some jobs for myself to earn money. then i will be able to get a biger fish tank for my turtle. It might sound weird, but i am also going to take the metal frame off my bed and sleep with my box-spring and mattress on the floor! I cant wait! well i will write back tonight to tell what i did today. Buh bye for now,
Adrienne Gallinari

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today i did....

Hey peoples! Today I went over to my Aunt Lorraine's house and played with Ethan and Keagan. Katie came over with us. I got pretty far in my Zelda game. I figured out, you had to push a big wooden carving on a big button like platform and then jump on the other one and it will open up a new passage way! I fixed my slideshow, I made it on . I went down to do my rabbits today, I figured out where I am putting my water bottle and food dish. I am going to be using a porcelain dish for the food and a big blue water bottle called a critter cantine.Well i am going to go play my game, Lets Ride Silver Buckle Stables. I will write back later tonight to tell you how the game went! Well buh bye for now!
-Adrienne Gallinari