Monday, February 2, 2009

Mar-April 08

March 8Th was Jim's birthday! He hit the big 40!! The night before his birthday we plastered the walls with a bunch of hand drawn posters about turning 40. Our biggest one was above the TV, it said " Holey Crap, You're 40!" that one stayed up for about 2 weeks after his B-day Lol.April, last month was a kewl month for me , at the be ginning of the month i dyed my hair red! it is more like auburn but it is SO pretty i like it better than my natural brown hair color, i am thinking about keeping it this color permanently. i got two new dresses also, they are both my second fave color, red! it makes a statement, what can i say? Lol the Brighter the Better maybe!?! well any way they are both beautiful knee high dresses. i wear them when ever i can! the 3rd of April was Shells 18Th B-day, it was fun, we play with a wiji board, it was SO fake. but it made us laugh. we soon found out the a friend of ours that was not friendly with public school was going to be home schooled, he's a nice kid he just needs to learn a few more manners and get his stuff under control. that would be it for those 2 months.~Adrienne Gallinari