Monday, May 5, 2008

jan-feb. 08

Ah so nice to blog again! OK in January we didn't do much, there was the winter carnival and i didn't got to that but i did go on a snowmobile trip almost every weekend! we went to tuts and the back burner. Once when we were on our way to the back burner, the mudflap got ripped of Michelle's machine and i was sitting on the dog sled and by the time we got home i was covered in about 2ft. of snow, and it wasn't just and snow, it was chunks of ice too! when i went up to the house i was SO mad.

For February i got a big surprise! for valentines day i got and elite account on FP (Furry-Paws)!
Now i can have HTML in my name and actions in chat and colors on my dogs pages and i can get my registered kennel a picture and best of all i can keep two pups out of a litter!!! Currently i have tons of litters and a 30 dogs, i really need them to sell, i really only need on of each fur color but i just keep getting them and getting them!! LOL i cant help it, it is SO addicting! well i hope i can cut down on some for the sake of the kennel!

~Adrienne Gallinari

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