Friday, February 1, 2008

just stuff

hey guys! soo good to post on my blog again. Yesterday, I did not post, so i am writing about yesterday today! I did lots of stuff yesterday, i cleaned my room, moved fish tanks around, i read about 3 chapters in my book, and i played my video game too. It probably doesnt sound like i did much but all the stuff i did took up the whole day. I got 3 new buckles in my lets ride game, and i unlock another horse! his name is titan. i also unlocked three new coat colors and two new saddles. i started my new competions too. i have to earn FIVE buckles. i unlock the events "poles 2" and "the big T". I am now a class AAA rider! I cant wait until summer, i am going to see if i can make some jobs for myself to earn money. then i will be able to get a biger fish tank for my turtle. It might sound weird, but i am also going to take the metal frame off my bed and sleep with my box-spring and mattress on the floor! I cant wait! well i will write back tonight to tell what i did today. Buh bye for now,
Adrienne Gallinari

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