Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hey guys!! It seems like I haven't written on my blog for such a long time -shame on me!!-I hope you all who have been reading my blog have enjoyed all my posts so far...Let me tell you an interesting story about stupid me and my little buns that happened the other night! Well it was like three in the morning, and i have had bullet in his separate cage for about 2 weeks now, well he was acting up like tipping his food dish, rattling his toys and banging his dishes against the metal door of his cage, well i was so tired and i was sleeping with Ashley in her room , she was tired too, well she said " just put bullet with misty for a while, maybe it will calm him down" well it did NOT calm him down at all, it made him more hyper, so hyper he was trying to breed with misty ( it doesn't help i think she was in heat) so i doubt she is pregnant because Andrea said that he probably not be fertile for a while. I hope that is the case and she is not pregnant because i think she is still a bit young to breed and i want to wait till spring to breed them. Today i went out for a while with Ande, it was so fun, she said once it warms up some i can go to her house and sleep over and hang out there! She sold her pony and her goat, the girl that bought them is my age and she said that we have a lot in common, her name is Clara! I cant wait to meet her, i won't see her until June though when she comes to get the goat and the pony. She is moving from new york! I hope i will have a new friend this summer!!!!
Well i will write back tomorrow , see yah!
~ Adrienne, Bullet & Misty ( no babies )

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